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The North Texas Boston Terrier Club, Inc.

The North Texas Boston Terrier Club, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the Boston Terrier standard, promoting the health and well-being of the breed, and educating the public on responsible pet ownership.

Our members participate in conformation and performance events and we are drawn together by our love of the Boston Terrier and the desire to share our lives with them. The club has made many transitions over the last 50+ years and we welcome all Boston Terrier lovers to join us in celebration of this wonderful breed. Please join us for our meetings.


I want to first thank everyone for their continued support of the NTBTC. We may be a small club but we are a great group of people that are truly dedicated to our wonderful Boston Terriers.

We had another fabulous year with two great shows in 2015.  Our trophies were again the envy of all and I know we brought the embroidery company several new customers. Our website redesign has begun and will continue as we fine tune things. We voted in several new members and our new leadership group.

2016 proves to be just as exciting of a year. We will be having our two Independent Specialties in July and December.  We will have embroidered items for trophies at both shows as they are everyone's favorite. We have our trophy donors for July but need some for February. please let me know. I will need to get the lists for trophy donation by the end of February. We will also have a Facebook Auction as well.
Here is to a fabulous 2016!!!

Robin Gates

President, NTBTC